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So why do some few black people have ‘blue eyes’? One answer, according to scientists, is attributed to genetic mutation or Waardenburg syndrome (WS),which is a ...

Whether the blue eyes of some Northern Hemisphere people from cold climates have any evolutionary value is just guessed at now. It may just be a mutation, and may disappear. As our human lineages move away from Africa, we become less genetically diverse. Africans are more genetically diverse than those outside Africa, due to the long period of time living there. What we would recognize as modern humans originated in Africa and the oldest ones found so far are around 200,000 years ago. People in Europe have some Neanderthal DNA. Africans have none. People of Australia have both Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA. The Denisovans are a new group no one even had heard of until 5 years ago! Red hair and light skin and eyes may also be a Neanderthal inheritance.

verse 2
in the middle of the night
i wake up
when i hear you cry
it seems something binds us together
i can hardly live a moment without you eh eh
because of you eh eh
oh baby,oh baby
i see me in your eyes
oh baby,oh baby
i see love in your smile
you tell me kuchi kuchi ah
i understand
you tell me kuchi kuchi ah

David Jahson - In ChargeDavid Jahson - In ChargeDavid Jahson - In ChargeDavid Jahson - In Charge